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Leandoer Books North America is the North American distributor of books published by Leandoer Publishers in Sweden.

In 2005, Leandoer & Ekholm Publishers started with the objective of providing the qualitative military history books. For example, interesting titles that previously could only be found in well-stocked London bookshops, were available on the Swedish market. In Swedish! All of titles were unique in their focus and in the way they treat the subject. The books often contained facts and images never before published in Swedish. "Real Quality in Military History" was the overall theme. Some 20 books were published.

Initially, Leandoer & Ekholm Publishers chose to buy manuscripts from foreign publishers for the translation into Swedish. Nowadays they order the newly-written manuscripts from their own writers. The books are designed by Swedish designers, but, were printed in the Baltics. 

In the winter of 2013, the company was reorganized and became LE publisher, or Leandoer Publishers. Their focus remains on military history issuance, but everything else is new. Today, they order all titles from experienced writers. All maps,  sketches, and color schemes are ordered from international artists.

All titles are distributed in Sweden by Förlagssystem.

At Leandoer Books North America, all available titles are in English and ready for immediate shipment!

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 January 2017
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