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Black Star
Steve Marshall


Death on the Eastern front of 1941


Eastern Front, October 1941. Outside the gates of Moscow's fighting elite soldiers from the dreaded Waffen SS Division "Das Reich" against the Red Army seemingly inexhaustible resources, as well as the unforgiving Russian weather. One of these, Scharführer Schaaf, fighting not only against the Russian soldiers, but also against the forces in his own dressing that would uncover his dark secret. A secret Schaaf managed to bury far inside his Aryan appearance. At the same time his conscience because of the atrocities he committed, him no peace of mind.


History will take the reader to the most violent battles that took place on the Eastern Front in 1941. No quarter given by either side. The German troops are trying desperately to reach Moscow before the first snow falls. The Red Army is desperately trying to stop them. War is brutal o depicted here in its most anguished brutality.

The book is written by a former British soldier, is fiction in historical proper environment. The minor characters have lived, fighting has taken place, but the main characters have not been. Or?

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Ideaological war and Genocide on the East front 1941 – 1942
August 1944 - October 1944

Author: Massimo Arico                      













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Ordnungspolizei Vol 1:

Encyclopedia of the German Police Battalions
September 1939 – July 1942
Author: Massimo Arico



High details in the research: over 3,000 footnotes, 42 tables and complete searchable indexes.



At least 90 never before published photos.



A unique study of all Polizei-batallions.



Encyclopedia over the German Police battalions and their actions during the first half of the war.


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The Uniformed Police Forces of the Third Reich

1933 - 1945
 Phil Nix and Georges Jerome



A complete description of the organization of the "Green" army in Germany - the Ordnugspolezei.



A complete listing of who-is-who in the German Police.



A complete Order of Battle of the German Police.



The only encyclopedia of the Ordnugspolezei on the market today.


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The Hunt for Hitler's Heavy Water
Author: Jostein Berglyd                   



A unique study in all the attempts to destroy the heavy water plant in Norway.



A full description of the successful attacks against the heavy water.



Rich description of the treatment measured out by the German forces against the captured British Commandos.



A then-and-now description of the areas of operations described in the book.


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Murderous Elite – The Waffen – SS

The Waffen-SS and it´s record of attrocities
Author: James Ponto Lillo



The only complete study on the market revealing the truth about the vaunted Waffen SS.



Complete description of the crimes the Waffen SS committed during the Second World War.



This book leaves no doubt to the murderous involvement of the Waffen SS in the final solution.



This book is hard proof against all the apologists of the Waffen SS.


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January 2017
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