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Heinkel 177 "Greif"
Design, production and operations
 Tim Dinan

An unusually detailed study of a remarkable aircraft that was Nazi Germany's biggest bomber, the Heinkel 177 "Greif". It was the only German Heavy Bomber to be series produced and put into action in large numbers during the war. The  pilots who flew the He-177 used to call it "Luftwaffenfeuerzeug" - Luftwaffe lighters - thanks to the problematic engine layout with 2 engines driving one propeller, which caused the engines to spontaneously burst into flames during flight. This false belief is being taken to pieces by the author of this remarkable book, Tim Dinan.

It took the Luftwaffe years of experimenting to solve the issue. But, by then, the aircraft's image was already destroyed. But, when the issues were solved the bomber could have been a real nuisance for the allies, as it was such a remarkable machine.  Germany's fuel situation from 1943 and onwards helped make sure this would never happen. The constant rivalry between different industrialists in Germany, for Gorings and RLMs interest, did the rest.

Dinan describes this struggle and the He 177's quite remarkable story, from the brainchild of Ernst Heinkel to the last test-flights of the Allies.

  • Complete technical and operational story of Germany's answer to the Flying Fortress

  • Many rare photos

  • Color profiles and illustrations from some of the world's leading artists.

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January 2017
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