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The Dambusters vol 1:
The Rise Of Precision Bombing
March 1943 - May 1944
 Sam Olsen

The story has been told many times, but is still considered to be almost impossible to believe: A bomb plan that goes far into enemy territory, through the enemy defense, to drop a cylinder bomb that bounces along the surface of the water to eventually explode against dam wall destroy it. Operation Chastise was conducted May 17, 1943, and was a great success. At the same time, it marked the start of a new kind of bomb technology - precision bombing and the 617 th Bomber Division from RAF 'Dambusters' became legends.


However, what many do not know is that they continued to carry out impossible tasks for the rest of the war - a total of more than 80 missions. They became RAF command dressing in a way. They lowered the Tirpitz, destroyed key bridges, sank German ships in Oslo fjord, destroying bomb-proof submarine bunkers in Brest, bombed power plants in Italy, etc. While the developed precision bombing to a fully functional technology used today. The author presents everything about this legendary dressing. In this first part, we can follow the dressing from when it was set up until the end of May 1944. All contracts are reported in detail, all the pilots, all planes, all the goals - yes everything you want and need to know about this unique bond that helped to defeat Hitler's Nazi Germany. This is their story.


• The only book that fully recognizes the Dambusters history 1943 - 1944 the smallest detail

• More than 200 photos

• Color profiles of well-known artists

• The most detailed story of the Dambusters.

• All facts, both large and small, known and unknown reported

• The most complete plant in the world in the subject.


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SS – Schijager Bataillon “Norge”

Norwegian Ski Infantry on the East Front 1941 - 1944
 Geir Brenden



First ever study published on the unknown Norwegian SS-Ski Infantry in the "Nord" Division.



Complete Order of Battle for all Norwegian sub units in the division.



Complete list of losses.



Never before published photos from  private sources.


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SS - Panzer Aufklarungsabteilung 11

The Swedish SS-Platoon in the Battles for the Baltics, Pomerania and Berlin 1943 - 1945
 Herbert Poller, Martin Mansson and Lennart Westberg



Complete Order of Battle of a unique Reconnaissance unit on the Eastern front 1943 - 1945



The only book on the market with the complete story about the Sweedish volunteers in the Waffen SS.



Previously unpublished photos.



Unraveled detail in eye witness reports of the hardest battles fought and survived on the Eastern front 1943 - 1945.


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January 2017
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